Top 6 Best Hidden Weekend Getaways in Texas

weekend getaways texas

Make time to get away and explore all the hidden spots of Texas! From desert towns to vineyards and swimming holes, you don’t have to look any further for your weekend fun.

This Texas Travel Guide provides a handpicked selection of the Lone Star State’s hidden gems and secret places, so you can make the most out of your weekend getaway.

Whether you’re looking for an adventurous camping trip or a quiet beach retreat, these incredible destinations are sure to provide memories that will last a lifetime.

Tickle your taste buds at some of the best wineries and laid-back bars in the state, take in unforgettable views of spectacular nature, or plan an entire weekend full of unique activities – it’s up to you!

Delight yourself with hikes through magnificent parks that few people know about or explore serene lakes surrounded by rustic buildings. With these best hidden weekend getaways in Texas, you’ll never run out of amazing experiences! Make this weekend special by getting off the beaten path and discovering the magic of Texas. So gather some friends and make memories that will last forever with 10 Best Hidden Weekend Getaways Texas – valid passport not needed!

Best Hidden Weekend Getaways in Texas

1. Ennis

Best hidden weekend getaways in Texas: Ennis

Ready for an unforgettable weekend escape? Then why not make a trip to Ennis, Texas? Just a short 45-minute drive from Dallas and you can immerse yourself in nature, explore enchanted trails of bluebonnets, and learn more about this unique town’s Czech heritage.

Imagine basking in the beauty of these captivating blue blossoms – their colorful petals making the landscapes of Ennis come alive! Bluebonnets usually reach peak bloom here around mid-April so plan accordingly and get ready for some breathtaking sights.

Fans of the outdoors will fall in love with this idyllic spot, especially the 40-mile mapped paths speckled with bluebonnets you can discover. If need be, you can also join a two hour guided tour by the local Ennis Garden Club if you want to learn more about its history and culture.

Surely your friends won’t want to miss out on such an amazing experience! With so many wonderful things to do, it’s no wonder why folks flock to Ennis every year for the perfect weekend getaway. So let’s make a plan, round up your buddies, and head out on adventure to Ennis!

Step into history and visit the local sights like the Ennis Railroad and Cultural Heritage Museum, the National Polka Festival Hall of Fame and Museum, and the Ennis Public Theatre.

Spend your mornings at the Farmer’s Market picking up local produce and handcrafted goods before finding your next read at the Ennis Public Library!

End your day with a glass of locally-sourced wine from Sugar Ridge Winery, followed by a peaceful night lakeside at La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Ennis.

Get ready for a relaxing weekend in beautiful Ennis!

2. Dripping Springs

Dripping Springs

Want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Then look no further than Dripping Springs, Texas! Nestled in the picturesque Hill Country, it’s the perfect spot to gather with friends for an unforgettable weekend getaway.

With swimming holes, wineries, and charming downtown alleys to explore, you’re sure to find plenty of activities that everyone can enjoy.

For a truly unique experience, don’t miss the Texas Hill Country Olive Oil Mill and Vineyard. Wander through the olive orchard or partake in a tasting experience for something new and interesting.

Plus, what better accompaniment is there for your picnic lunch than a nice bottle of wine? Our recommendation? Settle under one of the shady oak trees and watch as the afternoon drifts away.

Start off your day at West Cave, where you can join a guided tour to explore some of the most beautiful Texas scenery.

Afterwards, take a hike at Hamilton Pool Preserve to reach the incredible grotto overhanging a Texas-style spring. For more nature – Pedernales Falls State Park is only a stone’s throw away.

Once you’ve had your dose of fresh air, head back into town to check out Mazama Coffee for some local java. Don’t forget to refuel with breakfast at Rolling in Thyme and Dough or pick up some snacks before hitting the trails!

When it comes time to wind down, make sure to stop by Sidecar Tasting Room or Fall Creek Vineyards for drinks and wine tastings. Downtown Dripping Springs is absolutely magical and promises an unforgettable weekend experience with your friends!

When you’re done taking in all that nature has to offer the area, head to Havenwald for an even more unique experience.

This magical storybook cottage is themed as Robin Hood’s Hideout and adorned with stained glass windows, a spiral staircase and many other whimsical details that will make you feel like you’re living out of a fairytale.

And if that is already booked up on your dates, don’t worry – there are plenty of other cute cottages around too!

Come visit Dripping Springs soon – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

3. Whitecap Beach

Whitecap Beach

Are you looking for the perfect getaway spot this weekend? Look no further than Whitecap Beach! This amazing beach town in Corpus Christi, Texas, is the perfect place to make memories with your friends.

With its wide sandy beaches and crystal-clear ocean waters, it’s hard not to fall in love with Whitecap Beach. It’s been mesmerizing visitors for years with its picturesque beauty.

When you’re done exploring the seashore or playing in the sand, why not explore some of the sights that Whitecap Beach has to offer? Visit Bob Hall Pier and soak up the beauty of nature or find a restaurant for a meal with friends.

Try shops like Hester’s Café and Coffee Shop, Andy’s Kitchen, and Ginger Café & Grill – each offers its own delicious dishes. Shopping is a great way to spend an afternoon here too!

Make this weekend one that you’ll never forget at beautiful Whitecap Beach. From early morning walks on the shoreline to late night seafood dinners; come create something special in this breathtaking destination!

Vibrant nightlife and plenty of fun activities make it an unforgettable experience. Enjoy an indulgent evening at The Barrel Wine & Tapas Bar, which offers some of the best wines around.

Get your groove on to jazz or country music at the Pelican Lounge. Opt for a cultural experience by visiting Padre Island Art Gallery while you’re in town. And finally, don’t forget to have a blast at Treasure Island Golf & Games with all the family friendly activities available there!

Whether it’s a romantic holiday or just a fun-filled getaway, Whitecap Beach has something special for everyone. Come visit us this weekend and let the good moments roll!

4. Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park

Few things feel better than hitting the road for an awesome weekend adventure— and there’s no better place to do it than in Big Bend National Park!

From thrilling outdoor activities like hiking the Lost Mine Trail, soaking in the breathtaking views from the Hot Springs, or even a bit of history at Santa Elena Canyon – there’s something for everyone!

Friends, if you’re looking for an amazing weekend getaway with some of best natural sights Texas has to offer, look no further — come explore one of the state’s most remarkable destinations: Big Bend National Park. Covering 700,000 acres of desert and mountains combined with the picturesque Rio Grande River — it doesn’t get more breathtaking than this.

Plus, with a range of attractions including trails, hot springs and plenty of wildlife sightings — you & your friends can make wonderful memories exploring Big Bend together.

Head to Big Bend National Park! Believe it or not, this desert oasis was once the home to the largest flying creature to exist—the Alamosaurus—as well as giant crocodiles and countless other extraordinary creatures.

Visit the Fossil Discovery Exhibit to learn more about the incredible animals that used to fascinate this region.

Let’s be honest—when is it not a good time for a cool desert adventure?! Spring and fall are especially nice when temperatures aren’t usually as extreme as in summertime–it can get hot fast! Be sure to plan your visit for when the sun isn’t so strong (early morning and late afternoon) if you’d like to stay cool.

While you’re there, consider camping inside the park at Chisos Basin Campground for a fun outdoor experience or book an aesthetic stay at Summit Big Bend in the neighboring ghost town of Terlingua after a long day of exploration.

So why wait? Get your friends together and plan the ultimate weekend adventure to Big Bend National Park today!

Big Bend National Park is waiting for you! Come explore all that this epic park has to offer, from its fascinating past full of dinosaurs to its present natural wonders. We know you’ll have an amazing time!

5. Caddo Lake State Park

Caddo Lake State Park

Gather your friends and head over to the majestic Caddo Lake State Park! It’s definitely the perfect place for a weekend getaway. With its centuries-old cypress trees draped in Spanish moss, this place will put you under its spell and make you feel like you stepped into a magical land.

Here, you will have no shortage of things to do together. From going on a guided boat tour to taking in the scenery or spotting some of the local wildlife, including gators, mink, wood storks, owls and more; to rent a kayak and paddle along a maze of bayous, sloughs, and ponds; or even go on a hike – there’s something here for everyone!

You can also stay at one of their historic cabins or campsites for an even more unique experience.

There’s plenty to do and see from the interactive guided tour, wildlife observation deck or time spent exploring the many secluded pathways.

Plan your summer getaway to enjoy all that this park has to offer and take in its exceptional beauty. Fall and Spring provide cooler temperatures perfect for leisurely strolls by the lake, canoeing or bass fishing – a great activity for friends young and old.

During those months bugs are at bay, but still bring bug repellent and sunscreen (even in Winter) – perhaps even find some shade under one of the ancient bald cypress.

If you want to feel more connected with culture, local towns Jefferson and Uncertain nearby have plenty of restaurants and bars to provide entertainment after a day of exploring nature.

Additionally, with high-rated hotels like The Steamboat Inn in Jefferson provide travelers a cozy stay while on their weekend away!

Don’t forget to bring a camera along with you so that you can remember all the fun memories with your friends! Have a great weekend at Caddo Lake State Park!

6. Luckenbach


Are you looking for the perfect place to kick back and relax with friends this weekend? Well, look no further than the tiny town of Luckenbach Texas— the home of one of the most famous country music venues in the Lone Star State!

Where else can you visit a small town with only two buildings and three residents while enjoying some of your favorite country tunes?

After a busy week of work and school, take a breather by visiting exquisite lodges and bed & breakfasts located just minutes away from Luckenbach.

Barons CreekSide Resort offers cottages in a rustic setting, with beautiful gardens all around. If you’re looking for something more private, we recommend checking out Vacation Rentals in nearby Fredericksburg.

So gather up your pals and make some plans for an unforgettable weekend! Sing along to your favorite songs at Luckenbach and head out afterwards to explore nearby attractions – guaranteed fun and relaxation awaits!

From wildflowers and wine tasting activities at Wildseed Farms to the half-mile trail in Old Tunnel State Park that’s teeming with bats and a history lesson, there’s a lot to explore in the area. And if you’re looking for more nightlife options, Fredericksburg is just minutes away too—where there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and activities that are bound to keep you going till sunrise. Come make some memories with your best friends at Luckenbach today!

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