Top 17 Upstate New York Getaways

Upstate New York Getaways

Want to get in touch with your creative side and experience unforgettable adventures? Keep reading the entire article to uncover the best upstate New York Gateways!

Summers in New York are a different story, and the place never fails to please you. In contrast, the story is immediately opposite during winter. Chilling colds, slushes, and short chilly days can make you stick to the corner of the cabin.

During such times, a mid-winter vacation to upstate New York sounds like a plan. Restore a deeper connection with nature and experience boundary-pushing outdoor activities here!

Best Upstate New York Getaways

Winter travel scenarios in upstate New York are always a fun story, be it a short ride for hours on the train or a weekend trip to a remote location. Pack your luggage, move out of your house, and get ready for your endeavor. But have you ever wondered which place can provide comfort during the chilling cold winters?

Lake Placid

Upstate New York Getaways Lake Placid

Are you looking for a beautiful weekend gateway? Lake Placid perfectly serves your purpose. It is an attractive geographical location with access to different outdoor activities. Lake Placid offers exciting opportunities for tourists during the winter, especially for snowboarders and skiers.

Above all, this place is also known for hosting some winter games. Apart from the mesmerizing beauty of the area, tourists never fall short of doing activities at Lake Placid. Besides, the Lake Placid Lodge is rated one of the best travel accommodations in the world, where you can spend nights. This place is a romantic gateway for tourists during the mid-winter season.

The Catskills

Upstate New York Getaways The Catskills

This lovely winter gateway surrounds the forest, rolling hills, flower-filled meadows, and rocks. It is the perfect destination to experience the scenic beauty that nature bestows. Catskill Park, a 700,000-acre land located at the heart of the Catskill, is defined as the “Forever Wild” land.

The pristine river flowing beside this park is the major drinking water source for the people in New York City. Catskill features a beautiful golf course, ski resorts, and hiking trails. Outdoor summer vacations and relaxing weekend gateways are the prime reasons tourists plan their trip to the Catskill region.

The Sunny Hill Resort is one of the best accommodations there, offering you a luxe vacation since 1950. With an outdoor swimming pool, spa, and a good restaurant, the Catskills always welcomes people for holidays.


Upstate New York Getaways Beacon

If you are a resident of New York City, you must have heard of Beacon. Are you planning to spend a whole weekend in Hudson Valley? Then this is the best place to spend your day and two-night plan. But make sure to check out the Dia Art Foundation at Beacon, which boasts a collection of exciting and striking contemporary art.

Oh, and here’s some good news for all the food lovers who want to relax and enjoy their food. The Roundhouse welcomes you throughout the day with some delicious meals. The Beacon Red and Breakfast also offer dessert-styled morning breakfasts on the bed.

From freshly prepped food to some aged wine from the wineries and the local farms are some of this place’s typical attractions you shouldn’t miss!

Niagara Falls

Upstate New York Niagara Falls

Niagara fall is one of the famous tourist attractions in New York City, and you are probably aware of the glamour the place exhibits. This dramatic and beautiful nature site hovers on the border of Canada and the United States. Climb up the observation tower of this place or take a boat ride through the waters to glimpse Niagara falls.

The site remains open for tourists throughout the year and is one of the best weekend gateways. You can spend your entire day visiting Niagara falls. Walk through the park with small hiking trails, an aquarium, and several restaurants that provide mouth-watering foods. Since the place does not have proper accommodations, Niagara falls is not an excellent destination for a week-long vacation.

Lake George

Upstate New York Lake George

Lake George is another weekend gateway, suitable for a visit during the summer months. But that doesn’t mean that the place does not offer any winter activities. It is a prime location for snow tubing and winter skating.

Meanwhile, tourists who love fishing can also spend their leisure time doing activities like ice fishing. Additionally, if you plan to visit Lake George during the winter, pack your gear because a short drive from Lake George can take you to Gore Mountains, offering one-day vacation plans. Whenever you glance through any travel guide, The Sagamore is a sure foundation in Lake George that can accommodate tourists.

This resort offers all amenities like a golf course, a spa, a restaurant for finger-licking foods, a winter ice bar, and a comfy lounge. And if you wish to have a bed and breakfast by enjoying the beauty of nature, The Cornerstone Victorian Bed and Breakfast can fulfill your dreams. You will fall in love with this place once you plan your short weekend gateway to this place.

Saratoga Springs

Upstate New York Getaways Saratoga Springs

The Saratoga spring holds something for the tourists during winter that could ideally define the cheerful mood of the tiny resort town.

For years, this place has attracted locals who visit the location to take the waters of the springs for health concerns. However, with modernization, tourists can spend leisure time in the famous Roosevelt Baths and Spa waters. If you are planning your weekend gateway from New York City, you can keep this place on the list of locations.

The Gideon Putnam resort is a beautiful place to offer tourists accommodation and a pampering experience. The Adelphi Hotel is another four-star accommodation offering customers multiple amenities.

Thousand Islands

Upstate New York Getaways Thousand Islands

“Thousand Islands” is a beautiful archipelago with more than a thousand small islands in the river Lawrence between Canada and the United States. It is a coastal location with numerous lakes, waterfalls, and rivers which tourists can explore.

Besides, the coast of the river allows activities like fishing, boating, hiking, and others. Best for weekend gateways, the location will not disappoint you. There are several Gothic cottages, lighthouses, and castles which can help you to spend your time.

The Harbor Hotel, located beside the Lawrence River, will provide affordable and quality accommodation for overnight stays. Also, there are several other hotels and Airbnb accommodations where tourists can book their slots for a weekend stay.


Upstate New York Getaways Tarrytown

If you plan for a short yet unique weekend gateway from New York City, keep Tarrytown on your list. This small and beautiful hamlet is located in Westchester County. Although out of the city but a short drive from New York, the place holds something to attract tourists.

The highlights include the Headless Horseman Bridge, the sculpture, and the Rockefeller State Park Reserve. This place is adjacent to Sleepy Hollow, and you can cover both locations within a day’s trip.

However, if you are planning or interested in spending your night here, guest rooms are remodeled inside the Tarrytown House Estate, where the tourists can find their space. Therefore, Tarrytown can be a part of an ideal and romantic gateway destination if you are planning your short trip from New York City.

New Paltz

Upstate New York Getaways New Paltz

If you love good food and beautiful and unique art, all set in the middle of a majestic environment, then New Paltz can be an ideal location, just 90 miles away from New York City. Huguenot Street in New Paltz features some of the best hiking trails, and there are many restaurants where you can find finger-licking foods. Besides, you can look at 19th-century houses while moving across the place. Due to the presence of New Paltz University, this place is mainly known for its art.

Also, do not forget to enter the DM Weil Gallery, the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, and the mesmerizing waterfall scenes at Minnewaska State Park Reserve. The Victorian Castle Resort can serve your purposes if you plan to stay at The New Paltz. It offers the best yet luxury accommodation to tourists visiting New Paltz.


Upstate New York Getaways Ithaca

Ithaca is one of the favorite places to travel for a weekend gateway in Upstate New York. The place features everything you want as a tourist, from people to vineyards, cultures, and plenty of delicious foods. Located just beneath the Cayuga Lake, you can spend your days near the downtown shops on the waters or check out the Cayuga Wine Trail.

If you would love to taste some Cider, check out the Painted Bar Stable and the Finger Lakes Cider House for attractive horse riding into the Finger Lakes National Forest. Not precisely at Ithaca; you can find some luxurious accommodations around 220 miles from New York City. You can also visit the Fire Lights Camp, which offers regular camping at locations like the Robert Truman State Park.

Watkins Glen

Upstate New York Getaways Watkins Glen

Watkins Glen is another beautiful place surrounded by finger lakes, an outdoor wonderland for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts. Watkins Glen State Park, the best state park in New York City, provides attractive views. Besides, there are several wineries, creameries, orchards, breweries, and other farms where tourists can spend their leisure time.

If you are visiting Watkins Glen for a weekend getaway in Upstate New York City, do not forget to check out Seneca Lake, which also provides mesmerizing tourist views. The Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel is one of the best and ideal locations for offering deluxe accommodations.

Beside this hotel is the Lakeview Cottage, which provides beautiful and unique water views overlooking the waterfall. The Lakeview Cottage also features a covered deck for snowy mornings and a sip of hot cocoa.


Upstate New York Getaways Jamestown

Jamestown, referred to as the hometown of the comedienne Lucille Ball, is another small yet beautiful town at the southwestern end of Chautauqua Lake. People who love comedy can visit the National Comedy Centre located in Jamestown. This museum is the first museum dedicated to the art of comedy.

Other activities include a small drive to the Chautauqua Institution beside the lake. This institution features summer lectures from the best motivators and speakers, which mainly focus on exploring the best in human values. Regarding accommodations, Jamestown features small and unique accommodations where you can spend your weekend gateway and enjoy your leisure time there.


Upstate New York Getaways Pittsford

A beautiful part of the New York upstate community, Pittsford town is a charmer located on the banks of the Erie Canal. This town features a boat ride for the tourists visiting Pittsford town as a part of the outdoor activity of the place.

The delicious taste of the homemade ice cream at Pittsford Farms and Bakery is a major attraction of this place. If you list down the shortlisted locations for a weekend gateway to Upstate New York City, then Pittsford is the place for you.

Other attractions of this place include the Mendon Ponds Park and The Strong National Museum of Play, which is always open for tourists visiting Pittsford. There are some short and beautiful stays in Pittsford where you can spend your nights if you are planning for a weekend gateway.

Chittenango Falls & State Park

Upstate New York Getaways Chittenango Falls & State Park

If you are wondering where to find a waterfall in upstate New York? Chittenango State Park is your only option. Here, 167-foot cascade towers over the river; visitors can view it from the summit of the falls or a footbridge across the river. Numerous short hikes throughout the park and some adventurous trekkers can combine trails to create lengthier routes. After a hike and a few photos, enjoy a picnic and breathtaking scenery.

Green Lake State Park is only a 15-minute journey from Chittenango Falls, making it an ideal location for day excursions featuring treks, New York lakes, charming villages, and cascades. And if you enjoy antiques, the Syracuse Antiques Exchange is only twenty-five minutes away.

If you’d like to remain within walking distance of Chittenango Falls, consider this 1-bedroom apartment with a private jacuzzi pool, where you can unwind after a day of exploring the falls. Lastly, do not miss out on the Brewster Inn, which is only 10 minutes by car from Chittenango Falls. Here you can reserve a room with a view of Lake Cazenovia if you travel with a larger group and experience a continental breakfast and a glass of wine.

Thousand Islands

Upstate New York Getaways Thousand Islands

The U.S.-Canadian border goes zigzags through the magnificent Thousand Islands archipelago, where the St. Lawrence River joins Lake Ontario as it flows through the St. Lawrence River. There are approximately 1,800 islands in the archipelago, ranging from tiny and rocky to vast and verdant.

Visitors come to this location in the summer and autumn to admire the picturesque lighthouses and dramatic castles, including the abandoned Boldt Castle. On the adjacent mainland are the communities of Clayton, Cape Vincent, and Sackets Harbor (which is a New York State Heritage Area).

Conesus Lake

Upstate New York Getaways Conesus Lake

Conesus Lake is the westernmost  Lake, attracting people annually for its July 3rd Ring of Fire, when 10,000 fireworks are lit along the lake’s perimeter, making you feel like a fairy tale. The Little Lake Brewing facility is one of the sites on the new Livingston Libation Trail, which depicts wineries, cideries, and artisanal breweries throughout the county. Do not overlook the recently installed street murals and artwork along the 90-mile self-guided route Trail.

Lake Otsego

Upstate New York Getaways Lake Otsego

The majestic Otesaga Resort Hotel is only a three-and-a-half-hour journey from New York City. Here you can spend a refreshing stay in an opulent lakefront resort that gives you the essence of the bygone era. Apart from the elegance and scenic beauty the resort offers, you can also avail a variety of luxury amenities, such as wellness treatments, award-winning golf courses, and first-class dining.

If you want to relish a one-of-a-kind fire bar while enjoying a calming autumn while taking in the breathtaking views of Lake Otsego, this is the place for you. You won’t have to travel far when ready for additional exploration. The renowned National Baseball Hall of Fame, Fenimore Art Museum, and Ommegang Brewery are a few miles distant.

Are you done with your planning?

We know it’s challenging to plan a vacation, especially when choosing the best one among so many options. So we did all the research for you, so you don’t have to! Here are the best locations to plan your vacation in Upstate New York City. Just a short drive from New York, there are multiple locations where you can spend your leisure time with your friends and family.

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